Summer Road Trip – Day 10 – Yellowstone NP

We left off with us returning late after a long and wonderful day exploring the Old Faithful region of Yellowstone National Park. On Day 10 we explored the Lake region, which surrounds the 132 square mile, 390+ feet deep Lake Yellowstone. It’s a beautiful deep blue & aqua lake.

Again … no time or space in my day (or space here at WordPress) to individually upload the pictures or links. Please check them out:

We began our day at Mud Volcano. 184° F. Bubbling and boiling mud. Pretty interesting. And around the corner was Dragon Mouth Spring. That was quite cool. It really did sound like a dragon breathing. I took video. But you can be sure that I haven’t even looked at videos I took yet.

Then we headed on around Lake Yellowstone. It was incredibly gorgeous. Deep blue and aqua water. Crisp, clean air and blue skies. And snow capped mountains surrounding it all. {sigh}. We found a very nice spot to view the entire area – the Lake Butte Overlook. Lake Butte is 8348 ft, and we were near the top, so you can imagine the view! I will share here 2 photos from the Lake Butte Overlook:

yellowstone lake 2 yellowstone lake 1

As you can see … serenity!

We headed back down and into the canyon area to see the Yellowstone River and the upper and lower falls. And the canyon. Pictures cannot show and words cannot describe. We spent so much time there simply observing everything that we could see, that the day nearly left us there. We then went to the upper falls, and then to the brink of the upper falls, where there is quite a hike down to the bottom. But alas, the day was ending quickly and we were not wanting to be on such a hike at nightfall. So we left it for another time.

Here are some photos of the canyon and falls. Brink of the Upper Falls:

upperfalls brink

The Upper Falls:

upper falls 2upper falls


The Lower Falls & Canyon:

lower falls 1

Goodness. I love that place!


Road Trip 2014 – Day 9 – Yellowstone NP

So I uploaded my photos on Flickr. But there’s so much to say about them that I felt the need to write a blog post. It was a fabulous day and one we, honestly, didn’t expect. Yellowstone grabbed all of our hearts and will forever be a part of us. It is amazing (and I only use that term when I mean something is truly amazing!) and indescribably beautiful.

OK. So. I have taken SO MANY PHOTOS that I just do not have the space to upload them individually here at WordPress. I did put them on Flickr, but I also do not have the time to link to each one individually. So here is the album for Day 9:


Please check them out – I would love to write about each one of them here individually, but I just don’t have the time or space or personal bandwidth at this point. I’m still trying to assimilate back into life after being gone for 3 weeks. But the park is so lovely and I uploaded the photos onto Flickr so as to not lose quality in compression – I really want you to see how lovely it is. If you click on the first photo in the set (IMG 2700 – I also don’t have the time to change all the file names) then it will pull up full screen and there should be a description over on the right (if you’re on a desktop/laptop). And you can just scroll through them. I hope you enjoy!

I will try to narrate the photos from here … or summarize them. Or something.

First, there are the obligatory “Here we are at Yellowstone!!” photos.

Upon entering we immediately saw wildlife (which we would see more of during our visit). There’s a picture of an elk cow with her calf and several of bison (which we saw constantly during our visit).

Then on to the Firehole River and the Firehole Falls.

AND then a Trumpeter Swan!!!! I was so very excited to spot this guy! According to a ranger we spoke with there are only 15 known in the park at this time. It was a rare treat!

We then visited to the Lower Geyser Basin just before a storm rolled in (which included snow!). We first saw the Celestine Pool and then the Silex Spring.

The blue color in the middle of these springs denotes a temp of round 198° F (around boiling at this altitude). The clear colors are enchanting and enticing, and many people have died in these pools and springs. We also saw the Fountain paint Pots, which is interesting bubbling and boiling mud!

We then began a walk down to the Fountain Group Geyers (which smelled REALLY bad – sulphur=rotten egg smell), but the storm quickly rolled in and we quickly walked to the car. We headed down to the Old Faithful area and it began to snow AND we realized that we had all left our jackets in the motorhome. Smart. As if we didn’t know it was going to be cold from all the snow still on the ground. We visited the Yellowstone General Store to buy sweats and hoodies.

We ate lunch at the Old Faithful Cafeteria which was good, but pricey! It looked out into Old Faithful. Grace and I stepped outside on the porch to watch the eruption, but we both became very cold and tired of waiting (it was still raining/snowing). As we walked in, it erupted and we missed it! Bummer!

We drove on down south to the Kepler Cascades and I am surprised more people haven’t died here! It’s lovely, but daunting.

Then on to the Lewis Lake area. Here in the photos you can see how quickly the weather changes at yellowstone – we went from snow and rain and hail to deep blue skies. The Lewis Lake was still frozen when we visited. We also visited the Lewis Falls and Lewis River area. And we drove down to Moose Falls at the southern end of YNP.

Of course, we crossed the continental divide several times in this area of YNP and we have the pictures to prove it! 😉

Then it was back north to the Grand Prismatic Spring and Midway Geyser Basin area. Oh, to have had time to hike and get a better view of the Grand Prismatic Spring! But the area was still lovely. And still very dangerous (given the temps of the geysers and springs and fragile ground all around). You can see the various colors caused by the various bacteria that live in these springs and pools.

We stopped as the sun was setting on the Madison River and I took some photos of the dead and decaying trees from the 1988 fire.

Looking back on this day makes me happy. It was the beginning of a grand adventure that ended way too soon in the nation’s first national park!


good ol’ field days

I remember that I loved field days growing up. The first half of my elementary schooling we didn’t do field days. I’m not sure why. But when we moved from Decatur, GA to Gwinnett County that changed. Somewhere in all my stuff at my parents’ house there are still some field day ribbons that I have hung on to. Of course, field days look different now than they did back then. But nonetheless, they are still fun.

One of my favorites: River crossing. I like the teamwork involved here …

IMG_1531 IMG_1532 IMG_1534 IMG_1536 IMG_1537


It was hot out there yesterday (but not as hot as it could have been!)IMG_1543 IMG_1547


Stopping for a snack …



Cute little 2nd graders!IMG_1554 IMG_1558 IMG_1560 IMG_1562 IMG_1568 IMG_1569 IMG_1572 IMG_1574 IMG_1581 IMG_1583


“It’s gettin’ hot. Let’s roll up our sleeves!”IMG_1584 IMG_1588 IMG_1589 IMG_1591 IMG_1597 IMG_1602


Unfortunately I was feeling puny, so I left before my absolute favorite event … Tug-of-war. Oh well. Here are the trophies before they were distributed.



Field Day … always a great day!

I’m a yogi?

yogi – “one who practices yoga,” from Hindi yogi, from Sanskrit yoga.


Why has it taken me 40+ years to discover things that have been there all along? Case in point … yoga. Now, I tried yoga once in a class back in the early 90s. I did enjoy it, the one time I did it. But I never really attempted it after that one time. Over the years the thought would come to me from time to time to try it out. And with Wii Fit I tried it a few times, but that seems to concentrate solely on balance. And, honestly, I did go through a long period of legalism in my life in which I thought that yoga (among a plethora of other things) was of the debil. You know, like foosball.

But I have since realized that yoga is a fantastic way to help get my body in shape. I feel fabulous after a session. And I find myself thinking about my posture while I am sitting or standing throughout the day. And it helps me with stiffness and back soreness that I have. And it’s relaxing.

First, let me clear up some things … I do not do yoga to bestow the state of yoga, or divine union, upon the myself. Nor do I believe that I will find liberation from the material world and union of the self with the supreme being or ultimate principle. I don’t believe that I will benefit greatly from an elevation in consciousness and an expansion of awareness through yoga. I do believe, however, that yoga promotes physical well-being. So as far as elevation of consciousness and expansion of awareness of my body & mind, then yes. But elevation of consciousness and expansion of awareness that will bring me spiritual enlightenment … no. Although I am a seeker of truth (as yogis are sometimes called), I find truth in THE Truth … Jesus. He is the only path to God, He is the only path to peace and wholeness. He is the only path to true enlightenment.

No, I use yoga as a form of exercise, stretching, relaxing, aligning. And it really is great. Do I believe that yoga is good way to achieve control of the body and mind? Yes. For me it has been. For me it is a series of postures and breathing exercises practiced to in order to do just that. And boy, do I need to achieve control of my body and mind! But that’s another topic all together!

Anyway, I bought a new yoga mat. Love. So comfy and only $10 at Marshalls:


And I’ve been using my Apple TV to watch videos from Yoga with Adriene. I like her videos quite a bit. She is very thorough in her explanations and challenges me to to really pay attention to my body & mind during the sessions. She has a good selection of free videos and if you live in Austin, TX she teaches classes (so look her up).

I’m off to tackle my day … starting with some yoga. Namaste!