semi-monthly macro post …

I’m trying my best not to think this summer. That has backfired on me on more than one occasion, some occasions more important than others, including remembering to keep up with exploring macro photography. I did manage to get out in my garden this morning while there was still dew on the plants and lingering rain from the storms. I adore the early morning, the sun just rising, the earth & all her creatures just awakening. Here are some of my macros from today:

I waited and waited to capture this one. These little busy bees are so small and so quick! This is a Metallic Green Bee, Agapostemon texanus. Or as it’s more commonly known – a sweat bee. They were working my Mexican Heather like crazy.IMG_5549

I love how you can see the pollen on this flower:IMG_5548


And then there are my favorites … my daisies:IMG_5544 IMG_5539 IMG_5538 IMG_5537

My ABSOLUTE favorite shot from this morning:IMG_5535 IMG_5534 IMG_5532

This macro lens is fun! If I can remember, I’ll be sure to try some captures with it while we’re at the beach next week 🙂



Daily Macro 3

If you grew up in DeKalb County, GA (or Atlanta, for that matter) prior to 1989, then this daily macro might find you waxing nostalgic.


Oh, the many, many wonderful memories I have of Mathis Dairy & milking Rosebud on Rainbow Drive in Decatur, not far from where I grew up. Did you know at one time there were more than 200 dairy farms in DeKalb County alone? Night and day from what the county has become these days.

I adore my 2 Mathis Dairy bottles that sit on my kitchen window sill, reminding me of simpler days gone by.

Capturing December #6

shopping … chocolate-covered bacon

shopping … chocolate-covered bacon

My mom went shopping and stopped by our house on the way home with a special treat. We all love bacon in our house, some more than others. So when she discovered some chocolate-covered bacon at the mall, she thought we would love it. Ummm. No. I tried it. It was OK. My little one tried it and said, “Yuck!” But the oldest girl … she loved it! Of course, then the little girl had to try it again and she decided it wasn’t so bad after all.

Capturing December Photo-a-Day Challenge