semi-monthly macro post …

I’m trying my best not to think this summer. That has backfired on me on more than one occasion, some occasions more important than others, including remembering to keep up with exploring macro photography. I did manage to get out in my garden this morning while there was still dew on the plants and lingering rain from the storms. I adore the early morning, the sun just rising, the earth & all her creatures just awakening. Here are some of my macros from today:

I waited and waited to capture this one. These little busy bees are so small and so quick! This is a Metallic Green Bee, Agapostemon texanus. Or as it’s more commonly known – a sweat bee. They were working my Mexican Heather like crazy.IMG_5549

I love how you can see the pollen on this flower:IMG_5548


And then there are my favorites … my daisies:IMG_5544 IMG_5539 IMG_5538 IMG_5537

My ABSOLUTE favorite shot from this morning:IMG_5535 IMG_5534 IMG_5532

This macro lens is fun! If I can remember, I’ll be sure to try some captures with it while we’re at the beach next week 🙂



Yesterday evening I made Chicken Succotash for my family.  It’s an easy, yummy summer meal – the recipe is here.  It’s a nice little intermingling of goodness and flavors from corn and lima beans and tomatoes and chicken and cream.  And I found myself, as I was preparing to bring the meal to the table, so thankful for God’s goodness that He created these flavors for us to enjoy.

And then when we sat down to dinner I saw this:

And immediately I was enraptured with God’s incredible wonderfullness.  Yes.  When I saw the blue napkins and the salt & pepper and the pink tiger lily on my table I found myself delighted in the Lord!  I just sat there for a moment thinking about how cool God is.  The tiger lily is so beautiful … look at this:

Wow!!  Why did He make something so beautiful?  Why did He create beauty?  He didn’t have to do  that!  Truly!   And why colors and sunsets and oceans?  He didn’t have to make all those wonderful things!  Think about dog food for a minute.  It contains everything that a dog needs for nourishment.   God could have just provided something like that for us to eat.  But no!  He made pink tiger lillies and the color blue and the yumminess of tomatoes.  Why?  Because He is God.  And because He is good.  Romans 1:20 says that by taking a long and thoughtful look at what God has created, people have always been able to see what their eyes as such can’t see: eternal power, for instance, and the mystery of his divine being. So nobody has a good excuse  (The Message).

And last night, for the first time I think, I saw with my physical eyes God’s goodness, God’s mercy, and God’s incredible grace.  In the beauty of the wonderful world that He created for us I saw Him.

And that is where I want to dwell every moment of every day …