Summer Road Trip – Day 10 – Yellowstone NP

We left off with us returning late after a long and wonderful day exploring the Old Faithful region of Yellowstone National Park. On Day 10 we explored the Lake region, which surrounds the 132 square mile, 390+ feet deep Lake Yellowstone. It’s a beautiful deep blue & aqua lake.

Again … no time or space in my day (or space here at WordPress) to individually upload the pictures or links. Please check them out:

We began our day at Mud Volcano. 184° F. Bubbling and boiling mud. Pretty interesting. And around the corner was Dragon Mouth Spring. That was quite cool. It really did sound like a dragon breathing. I took video. But you can be sure that I haven’t even looked at videos I took yet.

Then we headed on around Lake Yellowstone. It was incredibly gorgeous. Deep blue and aqua water. Crisp, clean air and blue skies. And snow capped mountains surrounding it all. {sigh}. We found a very nice spot to view the entire area – the Lake Butte Overlook. Lake Butte is 8348 ft, and we were near the top, so you can imagine the view! I will share here 2 photos from the Lake Butte Overlook:

yellowstone lake 2 yellowstone lake 1

As you can see … serenity!

We headed back down and into the canyon area to see the Yellowstone River and the upper and lower falls. And the canyon. Pictures cannot show and words cannot describe. We spent so much time there simply observing everything that we could see, that the day nearly left us there. We then went to the upper falls, and then to the brink of the upper falls, where there is quite a hike down to the bottom. But alas, the day was ending quickly and we were not wanting to be on such a hike at nightfall. So we left it for another time.

Here are some photos of the canyon and falls. Brink of the Upper Falls:

upperfalls brink

The Upper Falls:

upper falls 2upper falls


The Lower Falls & Canyon:

lower falls 1

Goodness. I love that place!


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